About Us

Totara Cottage is a boutique wholesale producer of specialty baking.  Since 1996 we have built a reputation for top quality, home made, innovative baking.  Our gourmet range is enjoyed as everyday quality baking, as specialty gift items and also as corporate and promotional products.

We take pride in baking just like your mother used to.  All our range is hand made in small batches for true homemade flavour and attention to detail.  We use every-day, identifiable ingredients and bake as you would at home, just on a slightly bigger scale.  You could even pass our products off as your own!

With both sweet and savoury lines our range provides for year-round enjoyment, along with specific lines for Christmas and other festive occasions.   Our aim is to be innovative and different, and we strive to continually develop new items in line with ever-evolving food and fashion trends.
We maintain an exclusive marketing policy and retail through a number of selected outlets throughout the country including Moore Wilson's Fresh Market in Wellington, Farro Fresh in Auckland, specialist food and gift stores, and a small number of supermarkets.