Totara Cottage


Christmas is Changing at Totara Cottage

There are interesting times ahead for us this Christmas.

With the introduction of the new Food Act we have found that our product range is problematic.  To continue with Christmas Cakes and Christmas Puddings would require registration at the most detailed (and expensive) end of the spectrum.  So it is with a heavy heart that we have decided to step away from this part of our range.  This has been a hard decision because these products are where Totara Cottage began and were the foundation of our little business for many years. 

We know there will be many customers for whom our Christmas Cakes and Puddings have become a regular feature of their celebrations and they will be very disappointed.  We apologise, but this is the price of progress as they say.

However on the positive side this allows us scope to move forward in different directions.  We have been busy creating new products and there are already a number of exciting additions to our range.  Come on over to our Products page and you will see our new Festive Chocolate Bark, Christmas Orange Spice biscuits and our new Stars'nStix.  We're sure lots more inspiration is just around the corner just waiting to fill those question marks.  Christmas 2018 here we come!


Totara Cottage - Gifted to the Queen


What a huge honour.  We are thrilled our Triple Chocolate Anzac biscuits were given to the Queen by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.  They were included in a food hamper along with 9 other New Zealand products and given during Jacinda Ardern's private meeting with the Queen, as part of her London visit for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in April 2018.

They are perfect with a cup of tea and we are enjoying imagining the Queen sitting in a drawing room with a cuppa and one of our Anzacs.