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Totara Cottage

Fruit Terrines - Apricot

Fruit Terrines - Apricot

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The perfect addition to a cheese platter.  This concept stems from the traditional use of dried fruit and nuts to partner with cheese.  The Fruit Terrines come in two flavours; one with prunes and port, the other with apricots and a dash of brandy.  Both have toasted cashews and are rounded out with spice and glace ginger to give depth and complexity of flavour.  Sliced thinly and partnered with a range of  cheeses,  you will be hooked. The two flavours are combined in our Fruit Salami, or here are separated out into their two components.

Cheese preferences vary and each Terrine flavour is enjoyed across a range of cheese types but our  favourites are the Apricot and Brandy with ripe brie, havarti or gouda.  The Prune and Port is our choice for mature cheddar and blue cheese.  100g

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